Agricultural Hall of Fame

The Agricultural Hall of Fame was federally chartered in 1960 as a nonprofit organization. It honors individuals who have made outstanding national or international contributions to the establishment, development, advancement or improvement of agriculture. Every inductee has contributed to the success of American agriculture in some significant way, exemplifying the initiative and creativity that have made the United States the world’s leading agricultural producer.

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Hall of Fame Inductees

Induction Date Name of Member Home State
Prior to 1977 George Washington Carver Missouri
Prior to 1977 Thomas Jefferson Virginia
Prior to 1977 Cyrus Hall McCormick Virginia
Prior to 1977 Justin Smith Morrill Vermont
Prior to 1977 George Washington Virginia
May 7, 1977 Dudley Mays Hughes Georgia
May 7, 1977 Eli Whitney Massachusetts
April 27, 1984 Dr. Stephen M. Babcock Wisconsin
April 27, 1984 Norman E. Borlaug Iowa
April 27, 1984 Arthur Capper Kansas
April 27, 1984 Mark A. Carleton Kansas
April 27, 1984 Roswell Garst Iowa
April 27, 1984 Albert B. Graham Ohio
April 27, 1984 William D. Hoard Wisconsin
April 27, 1984 Dr. Seaman A. Knapp New York
April 27, 1984 Enos J. Perry New Jersey
April 27, 1984 Squanto Indian Nation
April 27, 1984 Andrew J. Volstead Minnesota
April 27, 1984 Henry A. Wallace Iowa
May 7, 1984 Hoke Smith Georgia
October 16, 1984 Louise Stanley Missouri
April 19, 1985 Hugh H. Bennett North Carolina
April 19, 1985 Luther Burbank Massachusetts
October 16, 1987 John Deere Illinois
October 16, 1987 J. Sterling Morton Nebraska
October 20, 1989 Jerome Increase Case Wisconsin
October 20, 1989 Marion Dorset Tennessee
October 20, 1989 Curtis F. Marbut Missouri
October 18, 1991 Carl Gustaf Patrik DeLaval Sweden
October 18, 1991 James Dryden Oregon
October 18, 1991 Frank E. Mullen Kansas
October 18, 1991 Edna Westbrook Trigg Texas
October 23, 1998 Henry Leavitt Ellsworth Pennsylvania
October 23, 1998 Abraham Lincoln Illinois
October 23, 1998 Isaac Newton New Jersey
October 27, 2006 Robert J. Dole Kansas
October 27, 2006 Oliver Hudson Kelley Minnesota
October 27, 2006 Justus von Liebig Germany
August 13, 2011 Willie Nelson Texas
July 11, 2015 Dr. John A. Kennicott Illinois
July 11, 2015 Forrest Selby Illinois

Hall of Fame Inductions

October 23, 2021
Private event (invitation-only)

Senator Pat Roberts
Fabian Garcia
Elmo Mahoney

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