Inventors Who STEAMed Up Agriculture

May 4, 5 or 6, 2021

10-12 pm or 1-3 pm

Grades 3-5, $5 per person

Hosted by the Wyandotte County Conservation District, the National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame and Wyandotte County Farm Bureau Association. Multiple buildings will be used to allow for social distancing and cleaning days.

How to feed the world now and in the future? This is the challenge accepted by the inventors in the National Agricultural Hall of Fame. Celebrate these inquisitive minds by tackling the problems they faced. Walk through Farm Town USA as one of our Hall of Fame members who STEAMed up agriculture through experimentation to feed and clothe an ever-growing and changing world.

Put yourself in George Washington Carver’s role as he looked for ways to increase crops and improve soil for Southern farmers. One answer was planting peanuts. How did this affect American farming?

Experience what Eli Whitney saw, the struggle separating cotton seeds from the cotton fiber, used to make cloth. His invention sped up the process by 50 times. Can you think of any improvements?

John Deere was a blacksmith who after moving West saw the plows used in the Eastern United States were not strong enough for the new lands. His experiments with steel and plow designs developed equipment that increased the size of western farms. How does this technology still affect our productions today?

The Wright brothers’ flight advancements provided access to a brand new technology. How did their inventions expand farming? Built on that knowledge, today growers are using flight to accomplish many tasks.

Keeping vegetables available all year for healthy meals was the challenge for which Edna Westbrook Trigg cooked up solutions. See if her methods look familiar to you.

Trees provide many products in our daily lives but what about the role they play in a healthy environment? This question was important to J. Sterling Morton.

Join us to explore, investigate and experiment in the footsteps of these Hall of Famers!

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