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Roswell Garst

Roswell Garst


Roswell Garst, an Iowa farmer and entrepreneur, is inducted for his efforts that improved the productivity and living standards of Corn Belt farmers and decreased world hunger.

Garst applied his entrepreneurial skills to establish a prosperous seed business. He recognized the immense potential of hybrid corn and became a leader in educational programs to help farmers maximize the use of hybrids. He began scale production of hybrid seed in 1931 and encouraged farmers to adopt new production methods. He conducted commercial demonstrations and championed other livestock management methods aimed at increasing the corn-fed cattle population in the Corn Belt.

Garst’s personality and persuasive skills earned him an international reputation that helped expand corn production in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. During the Cold War in the 1950s and 1960s, Garst traveled throughout Russia and Eastern Europe to educate foreign leaders and farmers in increasing agricultural production through progressive methods tested in the United States. During his travels abroad, Garst became a personal friend of the Russian Premier Niketa Krushchev. His ability to communicate with foreign dignitaries combined with his dedication to improving international food production helped to achieve better relations between the Soviet Union and the Western World at a critical time in history.

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